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When You Are Selling Property, There's an Awful Lot to Think About

Benefit from local knowledge gained over 43 years of real estate practice in the Baltimore Region

  • The Interview process to choose the right REALTOR. Qualities Needed---Knowledge-ability-salesmanship.
  • The Appraisal process to determine maximum value in order to ensure that the property doesn't languish on the market costing you money and to insure its price is high enough so the property is not undersold.
  • The need for necessary Contractor recommendations to do fix up work to allow maximum marketing experience.
  • The design and implementation of a Marketing plan to create maximum exposure.
  • Provide realistic net to seller for future budgeting or reinvestment of proceeds.
  • Discussion of available options with the Seller regarding all important aspects of the sale in order to minimize worries and to insure a smooth transaction.
  • Advice on the structure and design of a sales contract that is legally sound, accommodates your goals and that leads to a smooth transaction with a timely and happy closing.
  • Advice on financing and Buyers' financial ability and credit worthiness to purchase your property so that the signing of a contract results in the settlement of your property.
  • Negotiating and communication skills on the part of your REALTOR to insure sale does not fall apart when obstacles are encountered.
  • Professionalism and respect for all parties in home selling and home buying process.
  • The ability to instill in client that the REALTOR is honest, has integrity and competence to assure a successful transaction. Without trust - no one buys.


  About the Sale And Marketing Of Your Property

MARKETING - As defined by Webster's dictionary - is the act or process of selling or purchasing in a market.

Gilbert D. Marsiglia & Company believes that an effective marketing plan is divided into six parts; each part is more thoroughly discussed in the full Marketing Plan designed specifically for each property that we put on the market for sale.

PART I The Appraisal Package - The in depth appraisal package that we put together on your property is unique to our firm and to our knowledge there is no other firm in Maryland that does this kind of in depth work prior to listing a property. The appraisal package is an integral part of our marketing plan.


The appraisal package serves several purposes:

a) Its primary purpose is to establish a fair and realistic price for the property, in order to be able to market the property in a reasonable time at a fair price. Appraising is not an exact science, but a properly prepared appraisal will enable the owner to understand how the appraiser arrived at his value conclusions.

b) The appraisal package insures that the salesperson has thoroughly familiarized himself/herself about all aspects of the subject property and all other properties that would be considered in the competitive market area that have sold or are presently for sale. This knowledge puts the salesperson in the position to be able to answer all questions and objections concerning the property in a professional and knowledgeable manner. The buyer respects knowledge and expertise, and until the salesperson can gain the confidence of the buyer, the salesperson cannot sell.

PART II Attracting interested prospects through the use of written, verbal and visual to target markets that would be interested in a property like the subject property. Our program will incorporate all three methods.

PART III Marketing the property to the real estate industry.

PART IV The screening, qualification and conversion of those prospects into buyers.

PART V Follow up with all buyers who have inspected the property and all cooperating agents from other brokers and our own salespeople who have shown the property to provide feedback to the owner to help identify any problems that are preventing a sale and to make constructive suggestions that would create a more marketable product and bring about a sale of the property.

PART VI Compensation Package



The Market Value of Your Home is Determined in Several Ways

The Market Value of Your Home is Not:

· What you have in it
· What you need out of it
· What you want
· What you heard your neighbor's house sold for
· What the Tax office says it is worth
· How much it is insured for
· Based on memories and treasures
· Based on prices on homes where you are moving

The True Market Value of Your Home is Determined by What a Buyer is Willing to Pay for the Property

  Based on Today's:

· Market
· Competition
· Financing
· Economic Conditions
· Perception of Conditions
· Locations
· Normal Marketing Time

Properties That Sell in Today's Market are Perfect Tens

How Can Your Home be a Perfect "10"?

· By Improving the Condition
· By Offering Good Terms
· By Pricing at Fair Market Value